White MDF Round 4mm Thickness Cake Boards




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Our Exclusivity

We offer greater reliability with the application of melamine (a material often used in the manufacture of kitchen utensils).


You worked hard to create your decorative cake, so opt for a display base that’s equally as stunning. This round, white MDF – Reforestation Wood base features superior stability, strong enough to hold heavy, decorated cakes without need for an additional serving plate. The white polypropylene feet placed on the boards, combine with matching color of each piece. It makes easier the handling of the product and the Cake Designer life. It provides safer handling during the decoration and especially the transport of the cake. Plus, the base’s finish is grease-resistant, food-safe and reusable. It’s perfect for displaying all types of cakes and craft creations, including fondant cakes, stacked tiers, gingerbread houses and more!

Material: MDF
Surface finish: MELAMINE– on the upper side.
Melamine: allows the board to be sanitized and reused. Our cake board is the only one currently being sold with melamine finish.
Cake boards Avare also come with high density polyethylene feet. It makes easier to handle, pick up and lift the board.

Additional information

Dimensions N/A

5,9, 7,9, 9,8, 11,8


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